Spain plans to grant residency to some 400,000 British expats in no-deal Brexit scenario

7 de Marzo de 2019 Myriam Garcia Roldan

SPAIN’S government has drawn up plans to grant residency to the roughly 400,000 British expatriates living in the country, subject to Britain giving similar help to Spanish citizens living there.

The measures come as part of contingency plans being drawn up by Madrid to soften the effects of a possible no-deal Brexit. They were unveiled following a Council of Ministers cabinet meeting earlier today (Friday).

British expatriates will be required to apply for a foreigner identity card before January 2021 under the plans.

They will have to prove their legal residency status, with British citizens who have permanent residency set to enjoy an automatic switchover.

The plans are set to be sent to parliament to be approved by decree later today. It also extends the benefits to Gibraltar but Madrid plans to ensure it will have veto powers over the British territory in future talks between London and Brussels.