Do you know how a personal real estate shopper can help you?

13 de Marzo de 2019 Myriam Garcia Roldan

¿Para qué sirve un personal shopper inmobiliario?

The concept of personal shopper is usually associated with fashion and styling, but this figure is gaining more and more weight also in the real estate sector. In the Anglo-Saxon world and in a large part of European countries it is already well established and here it is gaining ground. But what is a personal real estate shopper and how is it different from a traditional real estate agent?

At the buyer's disposal

The personal shopper aims to satisfy the wishes of the buyer. The real estate agent, in general, exercises the role of mediator between buyer and seller, while the personal shopper represents only his client. It is in charge of finding the house that fits perfectly with the needs of those looking for a house and of defending their interests in the process of acquiring the property.

All the real estate market

The personal real estate shopper is not limited to the offer that a certain agency has in his portfolio. First, it will help the client to define what he is looking for, in what area and the range of prices he can assume, with financial advice if necessary. Then, look for the apartment or house that best suits those characteristics among all the available real estate offer.

Saving money, time and worries

The personal shopper preselects the visits that the buyer will make, and once the technical and legal situation of the property has been checked, to avoid subsequent surprises. It also helps in negotiating the sale price. In addition, you can also hire legal and financial advice throughout the various phases of the process: the reservation, the deposit agreement and the deed. In some cases, an after-sales service is also offered to take charge of the name and supply changes and the processing of documents with public bodies.

Obviously, having a personal real estate shopper has a price, which will vary depending on the services contracted. But, according to the Spanish Association of Real Estate Personal Shoppers (AEPSI), this professional accompaniment translates into a final saving in time and money and, above all, in worries.